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06 Sep

Overcoming Sin

by John Hwang

Christians are free from sin’s rule, but not from its attempts to regain control. The battle that exists inside all of us, between sin and the new nature, will continue until we get to Heaven. This fact, however, is not a bleak one. The Bible tells us that Jesus rendered sin powerless at the cross. Being in Christ, we are not obligated to submit to sin’s dictates and desires. We can, by the Holy Spirit, make the right choices, and take the proper actions, to keep sin from regaining control of our thoughts, actions, and words.

Here are five practical ways we can do this:

1.First, look to Christ and His cross. The view of God’s Holy Son suffering and dying on the cross is a shocking and horrific scene. He became our sin and absorbed God’s wrath in order to rescue and redeem us from sin’s rule over us. How can any Spirit-indwelt Christian choose to sin in the face of this?

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